Sunday, October 11, 2015

September 21, 2015

This week has been great. We are doing well here in Frontenac. We met with our investigator Irene a couple of times and Marta comes back this week so things are looking good. Elder C. Scott Grow was the visiting authority and it was a pretty intense experience. He talked a lot about obedience. Apparently, this mission has a history of not being very obedient. Anyway, he talked a lot about using Preach My Gospel and about how to study in order to prepare for teaching opportunities. It was cool, but everyone was pretty humbled, I think. It kinda bothered me at first, but now I see where he was coming from and what we can do to be more productive. I truly believe that my companion and I are working hard. This week, I am studying about being a consecrated missionary. I have been thinking a lot about that these last couple of days. I am excited to become better. I am developing a better relationship with a lot of the less actives. It really has been a great week. We have visited a lot of people and got some tracting in. I am excited for this week. Our investigator Marta, who is really close to baptism, who went to Poland for about two months.... yeah, well she comes back this week and we are sooooooo excited! I got to see my momma, too, which is always great. I love it! She sang a beautiful solo. She is amazing. 
I hope Athena does well on the Stanford meet. Thanks for the pictures. So, I brought my camera this time, but I didn't bring a cord to connect to the computer. I will send you some pictures soon. Plus, we don't really have any good pictures because the only thing I have really done that is exciting on P-days is go to the zoo and it rained. On a brighter note, we found the food pantry on Saturday and were able to do some service! It has been a wonderful week. I love you all and pray for you! Thank you for your example to me, dad! I am excited to be a consecrated missionary!

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