Sunday, October 11, 2015

My favorite conference talk was the talk by Elder James B. Martino. I have been thinking a lot about my personal prayers to my Father in Heaven. This talked answered some of the questions that I had written down for this conference. Elder Andersen's talk from Priesthood session is super great. After Priesthood Session our district leader called us and told us all about it and how great it was so I listened to it today and his testimony and faith in Jesus Christ and the prophet Joseph Smith was great. I am pretty sure that everyone in the chapel was super worried about President Monson and we were all just praying that he would make it through the conference. Things are going well. I am learning a lot and am so grateful to be a missionary. It is cooling down quite a bit here. I will. The family is actually a family from Sister Shontell's first area. Her first area is right next to our area and so we met them for lunch one day and they are super nice. I will definitely thank them. I am happy! Things are going well. A new IKEA opened near here so we might go there, but I am not sure. We will be finding lots of people to teach this week and we will teach Irene, but not Marta because she is out of town. It is almost her baptism and we are so excited. We went to the President's house for Pancakes and Prophets on Sunday (Yeah, how cute is that name, Sister Morgan is the cutest person ever!) and he is so excited for the Frontenac Ward to get a new member! It's gonna be great!

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