Sunday, October 11, 2015

September 14, 2015

So, this week was pretty crazy. My new companion is Sister Shontelle and she has been out for about a year. The transfer went well, after many tears, all from my dear momma Sister Rapp, because of course, we all know that Sister Favero doesn't cry (thanks mom). But, I missed her for the first couple of days because I didn't really know at all what I was doing or where I was going. Sister Rapp went to Fenton, Missouri, so she is actually pretty close, but she is in a different zone I think. Luckily, we had a district meeting, so I could kinda pull myself together. That is so exciting that you got another foster baby, how cute! Isaac is a sweet name. I will send you some pictures soon, I promise. I just need to remember to bring my camera to the library. The other day, we were trying to find the food pantry and we didn't have a GPS, so we kinda got lost and ended up at this gas station that was pretty sketchy, but it's ok. We got out alive and we almost saw the arch too. Sister Shontelle told our district leader that she has the funniest companion, so basically only Sister Rapp, Elder Jimenez, and Sister Shontelle know how funny it is to be companions with Sister Favero. Hopefully, I will get my name tag soon. It has been kinda difficult, but I know that I can do hard things. I am giving a training tomorrow on recognizing and relying on the spirit, it is going to be great! This week is going to be wonderful! We have mission conference this week and I am soooooooo excited!
Things are going well in the area. We are teaching a lady from China, Irene, who was a referral from a ward member who comes to the lessons with us. We are teaching Neil and his family. Neil is Indian, his girlfriend is Christian, one daughter who is 15 professes to be an atheist, and one daughter is ten. I have taught one lesson with them this week. We are meeting with a lot of less active and part member families and recent converts. Our relief society president always gives us a big list of people to see each week from Relief Society, so that is what we spend most of the time doing. We actually got to talk to a lady who is less active who said she wanted to start going back to church but hasn't yet. We talked with her last night about going back to the temple for about an hour. She really appreciated us coming by. And of course, we still see Jennifer each week to help her with her house. She is wonderful. She got her cabinets put in so that is exciting. One step closer, she still needs appliances, maybe she will be done with her house before I leave. She has been remodeling for almost 9 months now and each set of missionaries in the Frontenac ward have gone to help her, but now of them have gotten to see the finished product, but I think that Sister Shontelle and I will be the lucky missionaries who see it to the end. That is exciting, she has become a wonderful friend. I love meeting with the ward members and I am learning so much about how I want my home to be after I get married here on my mission. It is such a cool experience. This week has been great! I hope you all are doing well! We can do hard things!

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