Monday, August 17, 2015

We have had a pretty amazing week! We have been working on visiting all of the less actives in the ward because we talked with the relief society president and she gave us a great big list. She is an amazing person. She is from Switzerland. Everyone in the ward is sooooo nice. It was so crazy yesterday meeting Favero's. So many people have come up to me and asked me if I am related to the Faveros in Ogden. Do you know a Roberto Favero? Was he one of the 14 children. I think that is what we came up with. We had a really great discussion with a lady who we are helping organize her house. She is less active and has been having some issues. She has tons of stuff that she hasn't had time to go through. She is really nice, though and we have add lunch with her a couple of times. Her name is Jennifer. She is going to have a garage sale in a couple of weeks so we will be helping her with that. We work at a food pantry on Saturdays and the lady there is always so nice to Sister Rapp and I. Sister Rapp is still the best companion in the world! We were going to meet the jewish lady I told you about earlier. We went over to her home yesterday, but she wasn't there. Then, later that evening we were talking to the Relief Society President at her home and Beth, the jewish lady, gave us a call and invited us to her son's birthday party! He is turning three. We met a lady in the ward who speaks Spanish and teaches it at school. She is less active and very sweet. She made us horchata when we went to visit her. Visiting less actives has been the priority lately. It has been a very successful week though. Also, I have been learning a lot about the Priesthood and I figured out how we are to inherit the Kingdom of God through the Priesthood. Because we receive our endowments, we are to inherit the Kingdom of God by becoming Priests and Priestesses, just like how Christ is a Priest! It blew my mind! 

This week, I have been singing Brightly Beams Our Father's Mercy and Ye Elders of Israel. I will probably have them memorized in a couple of weeks. And I started reading Isaiah. I decided I really should know a little more about his teachings and prophesies since Nephi writes about them so much. This week I will also be learning a bit about Revelation because one of our recent converts who is really smart wants us to teach about Revelation. Luckily, Sister Rapp knows a lot about that! I am so glad to hear the kids are doing well. J is going to do well in Middle School. I know Victor and Athena are going to have so much fun this year and Juliet too. Also, this week my companion was prompted to visit a lady in our ward who is less active and she opened the door and she was in tears! She had just found out that morning that her mom had past away. Right after we arrived the Relief Society President came.It was amazing! We have had some special experiences this week. My companion has been having really really bad headaches this week too unfortunately, so the Elders in our area gave her a blessing. This week, we have talked a lot about the power of the Priesthood. It is truly an amazing gift from God. I have learned so much while on my mission about the Priesthood. My companion and I talked about how when we get married our first priority is that he was the Melchizedek Priesthood. Thank you for your example to me dad. I love you! Things are going great here! I am just loving life! It is difficult at times, but I love it so much!

One more thing... In relief society yesterday we had a lesson on eternal families and I am so blessed to have the most amazing eternal family. I love you all. I have learned so much about how everyone will be sealed in Heaven and how our relations with our families will be in the Kingdom of Heaven. It just is a testament to me that God has a perfect plan. I am going to be learning more about family history work soon! It is amazing to teach people about these ordinances that seal families together!

Have a wonderful week. Good luck to everyone at school. I love you all soooooo much!

Love you all!!!!
Sister Favero

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