Monday, August 24, 2015

This week has been kinda difficult because Sister Rapp hasn't been feeling very well so I have trapped in the apartment for a couple of days, but it is ok. I got the care package mom sent yesterday. I have the best mom in the world! I can't believe she found my monkey from when I had surgery. That was pretty special. My companion and I have a new investigator we will pick up today! I am sooooo excited! It has been a wonderful week though. We have been working hard and visiting lots of less actives. It can be kinda difficult because we have to report numbers to our District Leader and every time I feel like Elder Johnson in the best two years... Elder Calhoun and Elder Rogers 0 baptisms, 0 confirmed, 0 with a baptismal date, 1 contacted, 0 received. We have been working really hard to talk with everyone though. This week, Sister Rapp's trainer came to stay with us. Because we are in Frontenac, we are the closest to the mission home, so a lot of people come here to die (end their mission). It was hard for Sister Rapp because she was killing off her mom (sending her home). She had a really rough day that day. We are really working on staying positive.
Last night was crazy though. Sister Rapp was telling me about when she served in Marceleen and there were people who were possessed by spirits and just crazy stuff happening. Then we got out of our car and the stinking elders(the zone leaders of course) snuck up on us and I screamed bloody murder. It was terrifying. So I went up and was telling him off. It was so scary. But, other than the Zone leaders, Sister Rapp and I are doing well.
I have been reading Isaiah and I love it! It is just like reading a bunch of hymns with a lot of symbolism everywhere. It is super cool! We sing hymns a lot too! This week is going to be amazing, though! We are going to work so hard and find more people to teach. Our one investigator who is really close to baptism will come home from Poland in like a month, so that is a bit frustrating, but we will find others. We have done just about everything to find people to teach. We tracted this week (with a VERY trunky missionary) a lot. We have talked to a lot of people. We can do better though, and we will do better. I got an email from Cassidy and Danielle this week and they are both doing well! Danielle is in Japan now! I love being a missionary and thrusting in the sickle with my might.
Thank you for your love and support, you all are in my prayers!
Sister Favero

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