Sunday, March 13, 2016

Things are going well here. we are still working hard finding people to teach. Things are picking up. By the time I leave, things will be solid. I am still learning a lot. Zone Conference was great. We talked a lot about crying repentance and baptizing converts, that is the new theme for missionary work across the world. We are focusing on part-member families and prospective elders. The only problem is that the part-member families in our ward are mostly part-member because there are either divorces involved or the poepl are not interested at all. Most of the part-member families are less-active as well. We will figure out what to do with them. For now, we are still tracting a bit and we are contacting people at Lincoln and trying our hardest to get the members to help us find people to teach. Be a member missionary! The missionaries will love you! I know that you already are because you are awesome. I didn't get an email from him this week so I can't really fill you in on anything. We are getting more used to talking to everyone and that is going pretty well. We did an experiment the other day. On Saturday, we went to do service at a food drive for the food pantry and there was a group of sorority girls there. There were about 10 of them. We started talking to them and got to know them a bit, then I came up with a great idea. I told Sister VO to find out how many people knew the song Where is the Love? and to ask 20 people. Everyone was like, girl, everyone knows that song. I, of course, already know the song, but I told Sister VO to tell them that I didn't. So, all the sorority girls were so excited because they were going to play on youtube where is the love and they were all convinced that after I heard it I would know it, which of course I did and I started singing to it, and they were all like "See we told you you would recognize the song." So, we all sang to where is the love at the service project and now we are best friends with a group of sorority girls and we gave them all pass along cards for the new Easter initiative #hallelujah. I know what you are thinking, Sister, you are ingenius. Yeah, it was great. That was the highlight of the week. We are still making friends and working hard here in Jeff.

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